Starting my first fundraiser. YEAH Me. I have literally asked everyone I have come in contact with if they need a fundraiser, or know of a school, church or anyone that needs to earn money. All I can say, is study what is available for that quarters fundraisers, so you can ask everyone and know what you are talking about. Email local schools, companies. Make packets with the earning sheet, a sample of the flyer. A Cover letter about you and your AVON Life. Once you get 1 under your belt, ask for a reference letter and include that in future packets.

9/14/16 – Well I just submitted my first ever fundraiser!!! So proud of myself. Only sold 10 items, but it was easy and a great way to learn. Make sure you register your AVON fundraiser and get the line number to include in your order to ensure you earn 50%. Then it is up to you to decide how much you give in earnings to the group that did the fundraising.