New Customers

I have lots of tips for getting new customers. Always have books on you, I know it is rough to keep buying more and more books when you are just starting. But my advice is to invest in more books every time you can. I purchased 10-20 extra books each campaign until that 10 were spoken for on a regular basis, then I would buy 10-20 more.

Bring books everywhere and hand them to a person, I still use the rule to get  3 books a day into prospective customers hands. (I don’t always get this done) but I do set out each day with that as my plan. Some days it is only 2 books, and some days it is 5 books.

Waiting for a dentist/doctor appointment? Bring a book and look through it in the office, then hand it to someone before you leave. (Or leave on the seat when you get up)

Running errands? Leave books on the back of your vehicle, I can rest mine on the back wiper.

Challenge your current customers to get a new customer or 2 for you. I give each existing customer and the new customer they get me a 1 time use coupon for 10% off an order over $25. (Just a suggestion, you can provide a small hand lotion or anything you can think of)

Someone in your neighborhood having a garage sale? Ask if you could put a small box of books on a table.

Ask family, friends or helpers to bring books to where they work. They can leave in a break room, rest room, waiting area.

Today I went plant shopping at a local store, the lady at the checkout looked bored so after our transaction I handed her an AVON book and told her to enjoy her break today. She was excited as she had not seen a book in years. Fingers crossed I have a new customer. I LOVE Avon. 🙂

Today I gave a book to the cashier at a fast food restaurant. She says her friend is a stay at home mom and needs a job…. who knows, hopefully she calls me.

ADVERTISING  if you can afford to put permanent advertising on your vehicle do so. I recommend you keep it simple….. I used to have my email, phone number, Lips, Avon and so much more. When I sold that vehicle and had to start over I kept it simple this time. Just Line 1:  AVON Line 2: Buy or Sell Line 3: My Phone Number. Nothing else. Since I have added this to my car I have had a lady call me as she pulled up beside me, one of my best new customers. I had a gentleman jump out of his car and knock on my window for a book. (scared me). I have had a lady follow me into my driveway that needed bug guard immediately and of course I had on hand. 🙂   Love my Car Decals!!!

Be present on Facebook. Had a friend post that she needed something to help keep the bugs off of her horses. I replied back with AVON skin so soft original bath oil. She placed an order on my estore. Then told her tack and feed store, and they had stopped carrying the product, because they had lost their AVON lady. Well guess who their AVON lady is now? ME!!! The store manager went to my estore and placed an online order of $96. Love my AVON.

Sherry xoxo