Online Sales

My #1 tip for online sales is to put your e-store information on all of your books, business cards and anything else you print and hand out.

Let your customers know it’s ok to shop your e-store that you still earn from their purchase. I had a few customers that thought I did not make any money if they purchased from my e-store.

Let your customers know when there are contests on your e-store site, I send emails to all of my customers when AVON advertises a Enter Now Giveaway. This gets my customers to sign up and create an account on my e-store. My customers will then receive the AVON generated emails announcing Giveaways with purchase, and Free shipping deals. (Make sure you set up the emails to be sent)

Advertise your e-store on Social Media.

I put my Business cards in my Christmas cards each year to announce that I am still in business and that they can shop my e-store.