Team Rise & Inspire

9/23 Join my AVON team. Team Rise & Inspire. We inspire each other, and help each other. You could join no better team. Questions contact me. Ready set go! go to  use reference code: scarnett    choose your kit! AVON now has a $25 kit, a $50 kit and a $100 kit. Choose the 1 that works best for you.  Make a decision and go for it. 🙂

9/16 Congratulations my #1 team member is only $897 away from achieving AVON level Presidents club. Go Mary keep your AVON Sales up, up, up!!! Join my AVON Team.

8/31  Who have you inspired today? I have inspired a friend to start selling AVON. Another member of Team Rise & Inspire. Who will you inspire today?

I am starting to build Team Rise & Inspire. I want each of use to Inspire others to do their best in everything they do.  Just a simple thank you for a job well done, holding a door open for someone, helping a neighbor bring in groceries. Any little thing you can do can help make the day of someone else.

Want to join my team? go to  use SCARNETT as the reference code, select the kit you want and let’s inspire.

Top 5 reasons to join Team Rise and Inspire.

#5 Selling AVON is a great way to get your product at a discount, or if you really dive into selling you can earn money!!! I left my cubicle job 3 years ago. No turning back!

#4 Selling AVON is a great way to meet new people, new customers and new friends. 🙂

#3 Selling AVON is easy to do if you have out of town family or friends. You get a FREE estore that is open 24/7

#2 Selling AVON is a great way to share your makeup techniques, nail polish trends, clothing styles, and jewelry.

#1 Selling AVON and building your own team is a great way to make money. I will help you along the way. I am here to answer your questions.   Inspire someone today to do their best. 🙂